Thursday, May 23, 2024

DFHack mod for Dwarf Fortress is available on Steam

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While Dwarf Fortress is enjoying its new success after one and a half decade, modders are also working on making the experience even better. One of those mods is called DFHack, and it is known as a very crucial tool for everyone who play Dwarf Fortress for a few reasons.

First reason is that it brings a console with many commands to both fix any issues and improve the game in general. Second reason is that it also brings a great visualization tool named Stonesense that allows you to see your fortress in isometric view. With that said, this tool is still in alpha version so be careful if you will use it. Developers include some notes to help you go through required progresses to keep your game content safe.

DFHack is available on GitHub, and it also works with the Steam release of Dwarf Fortress. There are a few things still missing, but updates are coming every once in a while.

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