Home Gaming News Two new MultiVersus characters may be leaked

Two new MultiVersus characters may be leaked

Two new MultiVersus characters may be leaked

While MultiVersus is enjoying its fresh fame, fans are already waiting for the Season 1 as it was recently announced with its precise starting date. There will be new content coming during the season, but it seems like there will not be a shortage of new content to be excited for.

Some users noticed that an Xbox dashboard ad contained two previously unannounced characters for MultiVersus. After the discovery, this ad has been shared among Twitter users faster than the plague itself. This ad shows Black Adam and Stripe, which were not mentioned in the game so far.

There was no mention of Black Adam and Stripe anywhere, including news, confirmations, leaks, ads, just nowhere at all. Therefore this discovery caused a big hype and turned all eyes on the next official confirmation.


Black Adam is a DC anti-hero character with a background that includes 5000 years of imprisonment, recently released and relieved of his ordeal. There will be a new movie for this character soon, starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. 

On the other hand, Stripe is the main antagonist we saw in the first Gremlins movie. It has a more strange story that included some cute Mogwai critters that are being cloned from the protagonist Gizmo. For some reason, after eating some food after midnight, Stripe and other clones suddenly turn into Gremlins and wreak havoc.

There is no official confirmation yet for these characters, but the ads can not really be “false” so it is probably a matter of time before we hear about these two new characters, Black Adam and Stripe. In the meanwhile, Season 1 for MultiVersus starts today so it is a great time to jump into the fray and kick the hell out of your enemies like there is no tomorrow.