Monday, May 27, 2024

Steam brings a great quality of life feature

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Steam is adding a small but great feature at long last, which is only surprising due to the question “why it came up so late?”. When you hear the feature, you will ask the same question.

For long years, the button “Add To Library” has caused a definitely unnecessary extra process that suddenly threw the user into a chore of either downloading or launching the game when the user did not want anything with them. We just wanted to add the game into our library and go on with our lives, but Steam had other plans for us.

This nightmare finally ends, and now Steam lets us add a game into our library without pushing us towards anything else like downloading the game, calculating the hard disk space, slowing down our computer or accidentally launching it. This feature is actually quite a small one, but considering the sudden and unnecessary problems it caused, the quality of life is huge here.

Social media also noticed it and they are praising the person who did it everywhere. Considering the fortune of Gabe Newell, employee or team responsible for this change should be at least given some sort of bonus. They definitely earned it.

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