Saturday, September 30, 2023

Chop Goblins was released early by developer’s cat

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Some of you might know the name David Szymanski, the creator of DUSK. It was one of the best FPS games in last years, and probably the best retro FPS. Now he released is recently announced game Chop Goblins, but there is a strange accident behind it according to Szymanski.

Chop Goblins is a game where you just kill goblins with various weapons on various levels, and try for a high-score. It was planned for a January release, but Szymanski says it was actually released by his cat Zamboni. It also has a 10 percent discount too.

Chop Goblins is really a small game and its completion takes around 30 minutes, but the replayability comes with scoring system. Being a cheap game for casual fun, you can definitely check it out. Besides, we will never know the real story but it still sounds fun that Zamboni actually released the game.

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