Thursday, April 18, 2024

Escape From Tarkov patch 0.13 brings Streets of Tarkov map

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After a long wait, Escape From Tarkov finally introduced the Streets of Tarkov map. This map was brought in by the 0.13 patch, which also brought a lot of changes and new content to the game. Since a long time, Escape From Tarkov fans have been waiting to see this map as it is the first serious large scale urban setting.

Before this patch, all existing maps were featuring places out of urban areas. While some maps such as Interchange and Customs had some touches of settlements, Streets of Tarkov is a whole another level. Big buildings, squares, intersections of large streets, ruined vehicles and structures, a lot of places for ambushes make it extremely exciting for everyone to play.

Besides the new map, Battlestate Games brought AMD FSR 2.1 upgrade and Oculus Audio replacement. FSR 2.1 is expected to be a great improvement after FSR 1.0, and Oculus Audio is expected to provide a greater accuracy of audio. Content-related highlights are three enabled skills (Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Charisma), new co-op PvE mode options, five new medical stimulants, seven new weapons, balancement changes and many bugfixes. Add the wipe to the equation, and there is a reason that Escape From Tarkov suddenly dominated Twitch statistics overnight.

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