Saturday, April 20, 2024

Fallout: London released a new trailer

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Fallout is a series with tons of mods, and especially for its later entries. One of the most exciting upcoming mods for the series is Fallout: London, which is being made for Fallout 4. Since the original games are taking place in America, it will be quite interesting to see how UK handles the post-apocalyptic era things.

A new video came up from the developer team, showing some new features that include working trains. Besides trains, there are new robots, new gangs, and a whole new city of apocalyptic theme coming up with countless details.

Train rides will be identical to real one and it will even include fights inside them. There will not be a loading screen to skip the journey, you will be able to experience the whole thing. If you jump down on the tracks while a train is coming, you will be also hit by the train and die.

A lot of music, quests, professionally voiced NPCs, magazines and much more coming with Fallout: London. It will surely be a huge thing when it is finally released.

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