Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Final Fantasy III and IV are renamed on mobile platforms

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Final Fantasy III and IV have been renamed on iOS and Android app stores and this could be the signals of a remake.

It was recorded Square Enix changed the names and icons of the mobile versions of Final Fantasy III and IV remakes. Same thing can be seen on both iOS and Android markets.

This was caught by an eagle eyed gamer named Shaun Musgrave on Twitter. Musgrave posted the screenshots he got from AppStore and informed his followers that Square Enix changed both names and the icons of them. 

Japanese company re-created Final Fantasy III and IV for mobile platforms in 3D and simply called them Final Fantasy III and IV. It is interesting that they decided to change the names and logos of the games after a long time. So we might see an unexpected announcement in E3. Who knows, we could get a 2D remake of the games and this icon/name change could be the hints of it.

However, it could be just a simple change that didn’t have any meaning. 

Considering Square Enix giving an great importance to its mobile Final Fantasy titles on the hand, this could be a thing that Final Fantasy players can pin their hopes on that. Square Enix’s E3 2021 press conference will be held on 13th of June, Sunday at 8:15 pm (UK time). We will also be keeping you updated after this year’s E3 conference.

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