Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Games Done Quick summer marathon is starting today

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One of the most famous gaming events of last decade, Summer Games Done Quick marathon is about to kick off. The event is a week-long charity marathon which includes a large range of live speedruns from many genres.

Among the important names in the event, first day starts with 47 minutes randomized boss rush from Shadow of the Colossus. Tomorrow, there will be a race for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening expected to be completed under two hours. Another attempt will include Tunic, as one of the participants will attempt to finish the game under 40 minutes. On 2nd of July, the actual bomb will be dropped and we will watch an Elden Ring run for the grand finale.

If you wish to check the full schedule of Summer Games Done Quick, feel free to visit their website. Very first run will begin at 1PM ET, Sunday and the final run will happen on 3rd of July, Sunday. As usual, the event will be livestreamed on Games Done Quick Twitch channel.

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