Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hearthstone has announced its next expansion

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Hearthstone continues its adventure with another expansion pack which is called Murder at Castle Nathria. This expansion is themed around a murder case. As usual, this expansion brings new mechanics to the game. There are going to be 10 “legendary suspects” and these minions will be representing each of those classes in the game. For example, Murloc Holmes is going to be asking you 3 questions and if you answer them correctly you are going to receive copies of these cards you have guessed correctly.

There is going to be a new mechanic called “Locations”. These location cards will not have any health or attack but they are going to be used as once-per-round effects on minions.  There are going to be cards which are going to be used with certain effects on location cards but except that, you cannot directly influence these locations.

Last but not least, there is going to be a new keyword called “Infuse”. Cards with Infuse will be able to receive life essence from your friendly minions when they die, while the card is sitting in your hand.  what’s the cost of infusion is fully paid, your card is going to be stronger and provide you with a great advantage. 

Murder at Castle Nathria is coming to Hearthstone on 2nd of August. This expansion is going to include 135 new cards. If you wish to learn more about new cards and the ones which are revealed, make sure to follow Twitter page of Hearthstone.

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