Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Here’s the first Special Edition controller for Xbox Series X|S!

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In the previous days, Microsoft introduced a special controller for the Xbox Series X|S. What makes this controller special is the blue color called “Aqua Shift” and the new rubber panels that make it easier to hold the device in the hand. It is noteworthy that the rubber panels of the controller have a unique dual-tone swirl design that looks different on each controller.

You can check out Xbox’s tweet about the new controller below:

The new controller will be available for pre-order worldwide for $69.99. The price of the device is not bad, and it looks like a good choice for users who are looking for a design change for their controller and not satisfied with the grip of their current controller.

To be clear, we like the design of this controller, and the glitter design looks very nice. We are already looking forward to the Special Editions that Xbox will release in the future.

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