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7 games with great opening scenes

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Games usually leave their impressions during their gameplay time, but some of them really know how to catch players with great cinematics. When it comes to cinematics, introduction scenes have a special place as they are the first one to capture the attention of their audience. Today, we are looking at 7 games which had really remarkable opening scenes, capturing the players right off the bat.

7. Resident Evil: Director’s Cut

Resident Evil is one of the most famous series in gaming, and it had a large influence on many people. There is still more fresh material coming from the franchise, but the Resident Evil: Director’s Cut had many improvements including a very nice opening cinematic. 

6. Parasite Eve

Making an impact during PlayStation 2 era, this classic game still have some fans around who are eager for a remake. But almost everyone forgot about Parasite Eve, and unfortunately its great intro is also forgotten in time.

Great music, great depiction of characters and a vital piece of story coming together, this scene was truly a great work for its time.

5. Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Legacy of Kain used to be a strong name back in its own days, though time has taken its toll on this one too. Bringing a different view to the vampire lore, Legacy of Kain also caught the attention of players with a very successful narrator. 

4. Vampyr

Vampyr is one of the successful RPGs of late years, though it somehow got forgotten quicker than it should have been. Playing as a former doctor who suddenly finds himself in the need of feeding to preserve and reinforce his strength, the moral dilemma left players in a very interesting story. 

During the introduction scene, we see Jonathan Reid becoming a vampire and have a glimpse of what’s to come.

3. Infamous

Great introduction scenes usually takes player through a detailed show of what happened, what is happening or what’s to come soon. Infamous actually breaks this chain and takes the player through a very “explosive” beginning. When we say explosive, there is indeed an explosion in the city and player survives it in a very lucky way. After that, a mysterious voice who seems to know our character brings us back. This very short scene leads player to the first chapter and leaves us with all the mysteries.

2. Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage

This game had much more than its introduction scene, such as characters, design, music and many other details to catch players in a very positive way. But it starts with a quite dramatic cinematic where we are seeing a flower field decaying with some piano music on the background, a woman then falls down from a building with some hard guitar riffs coming in. Tears of the woman are transitioned from the scars on Kenshiro’s torso, and then we slowly start to see what is going on.

1. Prototype

Now we are talking about a game that sadly fell against the test of time. Prototype was one of those games which just came out of nowhere and caught everyone off-guard with its incredible take about the thin line between hero and villain. Alex Mercer, the protagonist, was a mutant victim of some dangerous experiment and he was able to use his newly gained biological powers to unbelieveable extents. Considering he lost everything due to this incident, it is not before long that we learn how he intents to use his super speed, inhuman strength and spiky arms which could tear everything apart.

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