Monday, October 3, 2022

Activision shared a teaser for new Modern Warfare 2 map

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A strange teaser from Infinity Ward came out about its next Modern Warfare 2 map. While there is not much to tell about it as the length of aforementioned teaser video is short, opinions of two developers included in the video so it is worth checking.

This surprise sneak peek was released via TikTok, and we see that the new map will be called Farm 18. In the video, Geoffrey Smith tells that Farm 18 was actually inspired from the Shoothouse map. This inspiration resulted in a central warehouse being located on the map’s central zone.

Ashley Thundercliff takes over after Geoffrey Smith, and explains the balance between realism and gameplay in Farm 18. The critical point here was the foliage density as it could cause either too many players hiding or not enough highlighting of the overgrowth.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer will have an open beta phase. Participants will be able to enjoy the game over two weekends, and pre-orders will also include two days of early access prior to official launch. There is an important point with the beta though, as first weekend will be exclusive for PlayStation players while Xbox and PC players will be able to access on 22th of September.

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