Monday, October 3, 2022

Diablo Immortal players claim they found an XP bug

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Diablo Immortal is under the spotlights again with some fresh news. This time, players claim that they found a bug which significantly reduces XP gain. A thread in Reddit mentions that this bug happens every once in a while, and can cut down the XP gained on kills and XP globes.

The thread mentions that the players do not fully understand how or why it happens yet, but they are experimenting on reproducing it in order to help getting it fixed. Their current guess is on time zone and the region, but there is no solid finding yet.

They say that under normal circumstances, each mob of a certain type gives same amount of XP, any penalties included. If this bug does not happen, you get the actual values of XP when you kill the mobs. But all of a sudden, it may start to change. Players noticed that they are gaining XP amounts that are not possible under normal circumstances. 

This is indeed a strange finding, and players say that this is very much random to the extent that only developers could understand why does it happen. They are asking Blizzard to address the situation and fix it if it requires so.

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