Monday, October 3, 2022

PUBG is picking up over 80000 new players daily

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PUBG: Battlegrounds is a legend when it comes to Battle Royale. While it is far from being the first of its kind, it definitely brought huge numbers of players into the genre in a very short time. Lately it went free-to-play and it was always discussed whether being a good or bad decision.

Krafton recently confirmed that PUBG: Battlegrounds actually picked up over 80k new users per day since it went free-to-play in January. It also added up in terms of revenue, as they mention that revenue per user went up over 20 percent. 

This is no surprise though, as they are scoring great crossovers and collaborations with other franchises, Assassin’s Creed being the latest one. Proportions of revenue between separate games like PUBG Mobile and PUBG: New State is not clearly mentioned though.

On the other hand, Krafton is totally committed to other projects such as The Callisto Protocol, The Bird That Drinks Tears and the new IP from Unknown Worlds.

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