Saturday, January 29, 2022

Cyberpunk 2077 getting an update and DLC in 2022

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Nowadays we are frequently hearing positive news from CD Projekt Red regarding the progress of Cyberpunk 2077. After the disastrous release, CD Projekt Red “barely made it out alive” and strictly began working on the game in order to ensure that the title will eventually become what it was promised to be.

In the recently posted press release, CD Projekt Red mentioned some of its plans for the game. A critical update is now expected between March and May 2022, so the game will be relatively enjoyable compared to what it was months ago or even what it currently is. On top of that, there will be DLC packs for free content but these are also going to be happening in 2022. 

Apparently CD Projekt Red wants to make sure that bugs and other issues are resolved before they take a serious step in the content and DLC-related matters. This is actually a good approach as many developers do this mistake, falling for the hype of the game while they lose their player base due to annoying issues. Still though, they released the first DLC with 1.3 update – of course only after a solid amount of bug fixing.

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