Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mei is back after latest Overwatch 2 patch

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After staying out of the game for 17 days, Mei is coming back to Overwatch 2. Due to a serious bug that works together with Kiriko on the team, players could glitch themselves out of the map and still have the safety of their base protecting them. This does not disable the hero swap mechanic and lets you switch to a character such as Symmetra, causing a huge chaos with no obstruction.

Blizzard finally patched Mei to prevent such issues, and now the weather gets colder in Overwatch again. This patch also include some other fixes, balancement and adjustments. This includes the audio transcription-based moderation too, considering that Overwatch voice chat is really toxic.

Last but not least, hero nerfs like Genji, Sombra, D.Va and Kiriko are all coming in with this patch. Zarya is also nerfed to a more acceptable point, allowing enemies get some good opportunities against her team.

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