Thursday, May 23, 2024

MultiVersus may bring Walter White into the roster

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MultiVersus is one of the few games that is built on the idea of crossovers. A lot of characters from different franchises are coming together in MultiVersus to fight, and this is a lot more fun that one would imagine it to be. Now 2023 is here and plans are going forward.

This one is really catching us by surprise, as one fan who is apparently quite eager to see Walter White from Breaking Bad in MultiVersus is said to “expect good things” in 2023. There are a lot of Warner Bros. characters being added to the game, but receiving characters from non-Warner Bros. universes will be even crazier. MultiVersus is possibly going to be the game that brings everyone together to fight and answer all the questions about “which character would win in a fight”.

This is not a solid confirmation though, but it seems to be quite a strong signal about what we might get in near future.

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