Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Need For Speed Unbound released a new trailer

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Need For Speed official Twitter account released an effects video yesterday, and they have showed some of the possibilities you can have with the driving effects which were introduced during the official reveal of Need For Speed Unbound.

Need For Speed Unbound has already made itself a name with its abundance of driving effects that are massively criticized for being “too anime”. It is quite difficult to deny that, but they do have an original taste to be honest. We are seeing a wide array of smokes, lights, wings and much more graffiti stuff.

Still, some players are insisting that they do not want to see such effects but just want a good gameplay instead. Most of them expressed their hopes about having these effects as “toggleable”. Luckily, the official Twitter account replied one of those questions and confirmed these will be simply working like another car part. You can either turn it off, or not put them on your car in the first place.

A follow-up tweet mentioned that almost everything is up to the players. Except the basic tail smoke and trail lights, you can disable everything. While this sounds a bit contradictory with Need For Speed Unbound’s own niche, at least it will not force some fans to suffer who do not want that.

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