Saturday, September 30, 2023

Saints Row prioritizes fixes over content

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Saints Row had an unfortunate launch that disappointed many fans, and the developers are aware of that. They are working on a huge update that addresses a lot of fixes as a first step. The company, Volition, says that they will prioritize fixes and corrections over new content. At least they sound logical.

This new update is expected to come during November. Most of the improvements will focus on challenges, stability and co-op. Volition says they are currently testing them in a thorough manner before releasing the update. They also acknowledged that the game does not clearly explain how and when the co-op is possible.

There will also be a number of quality-of-life improvements that includes reduced repetition in certain activities, more rewarding challenges, improved vehicle management and a rework for rumble and haptic features. Besides all the improvements above, they are releasing the first free cosmetic pack of a series this week. There are more additional packs coming for Expansion Pass owners also for free.

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