Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Nintendo Switch Pro reveal might be almost there

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CentroLeaks, a Twitter account sharing gaming-related leaks as you can tell from its name, claims that players will be able to pre-order Nintendo Switch Pro this week in 4th of June. The account says that they got this information from a screenshot which belongs to a big retailer’s internal system. However Centroleaks didn’t share the aforementioned screenshot. Some users expressed their surprise and said they won’t believe it before they see the product itself in their hands.

However this isn’t the first time we see Nintendo Switch Pro talks spreading around. A retailer in Amazon Mexico accidentally added Nintendo Switch Pro up to its shop list. Later on it was removed but some veteran gamers got to notice it before they put down the product from the store. Other claims state that new Nintendo console will have a bigger screen and an Ethernet port for higher download speed.

There are many claims and leaks about Nintendo’s new game console Nintendo Switch Pro, however company didn’t confirm or make a statement about any of these. Who knows, maybe these were just a small game to measure the responses and feedbacks of the customers. But if the leaks and claims are true, then the reveal of the new console is so close.

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