Thursday, December 7, 2023

Overwatch 2 received a small update

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Overwatch 2 recently received a small update that brings buffs for a few heroes on the roster. This update is also confirmed to be followed by a larger one around the end of January. This small one buffs Junker Queen, Zarya, Brigitte and Moira. 

The focus seems to be on Junker Queen, as she received a remarkable amount of buff for her abilities. Examples are Adrenaline Rush healing for the remaining wound damage when a wounded enemy dies before wounds expire, Carnage cooldown is being shortened by 2 seconds for every opponent impacted, and Jagged Blade thrown impact being reduced by 30 but direct impacts adding a stackable 30 wound.

Most players have been waiting for the Roadhog changes, and Aaron Keller mentioned that its “soft rework” will be released during the second half of January. This might also mean that changes for other heroes will probably have to wait a bit.

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