Friday, March 1, 2024

Ramattra skillset is revealed

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Ramattra is preparing for the release as the new tank of Overwatch 2. Release date is 6th of December, and players are eager to play their “first tempo tank” as Ramattra is able to change forms. His Omnic form is focused on protecting teammates from long distances, and his Nemesis form is wreaking havoc in close range.

Blizzard revealed an image which lists and explains Ramattra’s abilities shortly. Ramattra will have Void Accelerator, Pummel (NF), Annihilation (U) and Ravenous Vortex.

Ramattra was revealed earlier in November, and people were excited to see the unknown face from Storm Rising event few years ago. We will see how he will find his place in the game. First week may also bring some minor issues, which is normal, but around Christmas time Ramattra should be stabilized.

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