Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Steam may receive LAN download feature soon

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Steam apparently works on a new feature that will make life much more easier for users who have a slow internet or a data cap imposed by their ISPs. A new piece of code found in the recent beta version which seems to allow devices to download games in peer-to-peer mode on LAN. 

Such a feature might also make carrying games to other devices such as Steam Deck. Considering that some recent games are really heavy on storage, this may save a lot of users who are struggling with bandwidth. On the other hand, it might not look like a big deal for people who are running on very fast internet connections but Valve can also benefit from lowered workload on their servers.

Programmers who discovered the code says that this piece of code, a command “@PeerContentClientMode” was not there in previous versions so it does not seem like an abandoned work. We hope Valve is working on it and soon we might see a functional file-sharing working on LAN.

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