Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Steam global domain appears to be banned in China

Today brought strange news for Steam as its global store page seems to be banned in China and multiple reports came in regarding this news.

Warzone anti-cheat system banned 48000 players

RICOCHET, the new anti-cheat system in Warzone, managed to ban 48000 cheater accounts in Warzone and Vanguard just yesterday.

Epic Games says it’s open to blockchain games

Sweeney announced that if certain rules are followed, games using crypto money and NFT can be included in the Epic Games Store.

Steam begins banning games that use cryptocurrency

Now games will need to find another platform to publish on. We will see how the ban on these games will affect Steam in the future.

Respawn continues banning cheaters from Apex Legends

More than 2000 Apex Legends accounts have been banned from the game for the reason being dashboarding or exploiting matchmaking.

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