Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Warzone 2 might bring small maps back

Back in Warzone, Rebirth Island and its successor Fortune's Keep caught the players off-guard with their fast-paced Battle Royale experience.

Returnal system requirements are updated

Sony previously informed fans that Returnal will not be a PlayStation 5 exclusive soon, and also revealed the system requirements for PC.

Microsoft is preparing to lay off over 10000 employees

According to the recent reports, Microsoft is preparing to lay off a serious number of employees during upcoming days.

Forspoken system requirements revealed

Forspoken had a livestream event on Tuesday, where they revealed an improved version of PlayStation 5 demo and PC system requirements.

Sims 4 adds two new kits

Sims 4 is adding two new kits to the game, one focusing on the underwear theme and the other is focusing on the bathroom theme.

Games Done Quick team raised over $2.6M in last event

Games Done Quick team turned this great event into a great opportunity to raise money for charities all around the world.

Stray is raising money for charities that help stray cats

After the first impact turned out to be quite positive, Annapurna continued cooperating with charities that work for helping stray cats.

Silent Hill 2 Remake will have a better combat AI

According to Motoi Okamoto, the producer of Silent Hill, the combat design is improved to make it much better and interesting experience.

The Callisto Protocol falls short in sales

Expectations about The Callisto Protocol was really intense, but recent reports about the sales are revealing otherwise.

Hellscreen puts a rear-view mirror into a FPS

Every once in a while, a developer comes up with a truly crazy idea. This time, Hellscreen does it by putting a rear-view mirror into a FPS.

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