Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Skyblivion release date is revealed with a trailer

Don't get your hopes too high though, as the developer team says that the Skyblivion mod should be done by 2025.

Overwatch 2 players are unhappy with Sojourn

Most players who are unhappy with the current situation mention that Sojourn has incredible mobility and damage potential with little risk.

Google Stadia released its final game

It is called "Worm Game", and it was used by Stadia team to test the systems long before service was online for the first time in 2019.

Lost Ark anti-cheat caused innocent players to be banned

Amazon Games noticed the problem with Lost Ark bans and stated that "they are aware of this issue and working to reverse it.

PvE content for Halo Infinite Forge mode might be on its way

One of the streamers for Halo Infinite, UberNick tweeted that players would like to see a PvE mode. Answer was pretty straight.

There might be another director making a Dead Space film

John Carpenter was previously asked about the possibility of adapting a game into a film. His answer back then was Dead Space.

Skull and Bones released a showcase video

After the promise to reveal a gameplay showcase, Ubisoft kept its promise and released a 30 minute gameplay video for Skull and Bones.

Epic Games revealed the next free game

Epic Games Store is not stopping its series of free games, and they revealed the upcoming titles on the list.

Hogwarts Legacy system requirements revealed

Finally we see the official system requirements for Hogwarts Legacy, but "graphic lovers" may not be happy to see the list below.

GOG Connect is shut down had a nice feature called GOG Connect, which allowed us to import selected games from our Steam libraries to our GOG collections.

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