Thursday, May 23, 2024

Multiversus Season 2 Battle Pass takes twice as much XP as the first one

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Multiversus is bringing Battle Passes with each season, and Season 2 just started. A Twitter account called LaisulMV claimed that this new Battle Pass requires twice as much XP to complete compared to the first Battle Pass.

While this time may be shorter than expected with the challenges being released during the season, in its current state the amount of XP that actually completes the first Battle Pass brings us to Tier 42 or so. Battle Pass holds four unlockable skins. One of them comes free at completing Tier 50, which is Baker Street Tom & Jerry. Others are unlocked with the paid Premium Battle Pass. 

Latest character to join in is Marvin the Martian, but there will be more of them as developers said that he is “one of the new characters to come during Season 2”. It should not take long before we hear about them.

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