Friday, September 29, 2023

Overwatch team is working on hero balancement

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Overwatch 2 is receiving a stream of complaints about hero balancement, and Blizzard is working on it to find a better balance. Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson mentioned in a Tweet that they are currently working on Doomfist to help him find an identity again. Specifically, his block and empowered punch are  currently not as effective as it is supposed to be. 

Other than Doomfist, some more tanks are waiting in the line to get some attention. Two of them are Junker Queen and Wrecking Ball. Blizzard is trying to find a bit more diversity in terms of playstyles and roles when it comes to tanks. But tanks are far from being the only problematic role in Overwatch 2.

Another problem area is support, as many players are avoiding them due to the problems since the relaunch. This is causing some long queue times as matchmaking system can not find enough support players to create and lock a lobby in a short enough time. Alec Dawson says that supports are their long-term goal, and they are intending to bolster the hero pool in the first place.

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