Friday, December 2, 2022

Steam Bash Bash will arrive in September for melee fans

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Steam Sale events are some of the most expected ones among all video game sale events since millions of gamers around are getting great opportunities to buy the games for very advantageous prices.

In the next couple months, we already know that Steam Survival Fest and Steam Next Fest will take place. Steam Survival Fest is quite close, planned for 1-8 August, and Steam Next Fest has some time before it arrives on 3rd of October. But there is another one between two now.

Steam Bash Bash, planned for 19th of September, is a themed sale which will feature games that includes serious amount of “bashing people’s heads” as the name implies. More clearly, games in this sale will emphasize on melee combat.

We should remind that this emphasis on melee weapons may mean that some of the games that do not prioritize “melee weapons” might not make it to the list. Steam Bash Bash will be about one specific thing, and that is picking up a stick and breaking your foes’ skulls with it.

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