Thursday, June 13, 2024

Steam is bringing annual Spring Sale

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Steam sales are one of the best times throughout the year for all gamers around the world. Steam is coming up with huge discounts during the sales and allowing a lot more people to buy the games they want to buy. This is especially great when you are unable to buy a game due to its price, rather than just enjoying a discount when you are also able to buy a game for full price.

Yesterday, Valve announced a change of plans for Steam Sales, but it is not a bad one. Instead of Lunar New Year Sale, they will be bringing Steam Spring Sale which will also complete all four seasons and create a full circle. Reason behind this change was explained as Lunar New Year Sale is too close to Winter Sale. This also leaves a huge gap until Summer Sale, unlike any other sale periods.

According to Valve, community also requested for a Spring Sale event too. And even better, there will be options for developers to apply discounts during the usual Lunar New Year time. If you are wondering the dates for this event, it is currently not revealed but Valve confirmed the dates for Autumn and Winter sales instead. Autumn Sale will be taking place between 22nd – 29th November and Winter Sale will be taking place between 22nd of December and 5th of January.

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