Thursday, June 13, 2024

Team Fortress 2 is getting one update after another

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Team Fortress 2 had a very tough time recently after fans of the game created a fiery chaos on social media platforms regarding the excessive botting and hacking problems. Finally Valve seems to take the matter more seriously, and we started to see frequent and effective updates. Latest one came in just a couple days ago.

This update had lots of bugfixes and server settings to relieve these problems mentioned above. While they are not a magical solution to immediately cover everything, Valve is taking one step at a time to deal with the problems. Community is also now in a more stable state after seeing the recent updates and efforts by Valve.

Those updates were quite necessary as the large concurrent player count of the game was beginning to diminish with the immense problems players were facing. Currently it is not known if the updates will keep coming until the problem is fully resolved, but we all hope that Valve will not just leave it halfway.

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