Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Payday 3 now has a Steam page

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In yesterday’s news, Payday 3 had a new trailer released for the new year. The trailer caught everyone by surprise due to its timing. It was already known that Payday 3 is going to take place in New York, and now we get to learn that it will also take its place on Steam.

Being developed by Starbreeze Games and will be published by Prime Matter, Payday 3 will see the return of its original gang of Dallas, Chains, Wolf and Hoxton. Back in the 10th anniversary stream, Overkill mentioned that they wanted the next game to have an enormous and alive New York, especially after the alarms go off during a heist. Besides the atmosphere, it is an era of modern technology so there will be high-tech surveillance, new gadgets and much more to provide a more realistic experience. You can even expect to see cryptocurrency at some point.

Payday 3 is confirmed to receive 18 months of post-release support according to the agreement between Starbreeze and Koch Media. Considering the huge DLC list of Payday 2, this is not a surprise at all.

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