Saturday, September 30, 2023

Steam broke 30 million concurrent users threshold

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This time we are looking at Steam itself for a record, as yesterday we had a threshold being passed. On 23rd of October, Steam’s own chart showed a total of 30,012,957 users online at the same time. SteamDB on the other hand, claims that this number is actually 30,032,005. Incredible.

Steam is still rising in terms of numbers, especially since 2020 as pandemic hit the world quite hard and locked everyone in. While the Covid pandemic is now subsiding, gaming habits acquired back then appears to be staying. Besides, the growth seems to be exponential as the first 15 million concurrent user threshold took 14 years to reach but the second 15 million users came in just 5 years.

Last time we have seen an important threshold being past was January 2021, when Steam reached 25 million concurrent users. 

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